Redbird LD


fly0610_airways1_1000x674_ysynThe LD is the perfect solution for flight schools who wish to have the power of an advanced flight simulator in their training environment.  The LD is FAA certified as an Advanced Aviation Training Device and is delivered with standard features like wrap-around visuals, realistic flight controls, and interchangeable cockpits. Besides being a great choice for flight schools, it’s a fantastic addition for the individual pilot dedicated to maintaining instrument currency and keeping skills sharp when they can’t be flying the real thing.



Have a Look Around

RB_Screens_WebA great visual system is essential for a training device to be truly effective and versatile. And if you want to train complex maneuvers such as turns around a point, circling approaches or even basic pattern work, one forward looking screen is not going to cut it. That’s why we equipped the LD with six monitors dedicated only to external views. This high-quality, wrap-around visual system helps to sell the sensation of flight and enhances training at all levels by allowing you to train procedures and maneuvers that are not possible with other flight training devices.

Intelligent Instruction

RB_tablet_webThe  LD is built with exceptional flight training in mind. To that end, every simulator features a copy of our advanced instructor’s station software that can be run from a laptop or tablet running Windows XP, Vista or 7. The station allows the instructor to monitor and control aspects of flight such as equipment failures and special weather situations. It also allows the instructor to quickly reposition the flight on the ground or in the air.

Don’t Settle for One…You Can Have Them All

Most simulators on the market today represent one type of aircraft only, but most flight schools use a variety of aircraft to train their students. Do you see a disconnect? We did. So we made the LD reconfigurable to allow you to use one simulator to represent all of the airplanes in your training fleet.

Proper Training is Key

RB_pilot_keyProper flight training requires an instructor to manage and track a student’s progress. The LD is equipped with a USB keying system that allows you to do just that. Each pilot or instructor is assigned a unique pilot key which allows access to the simulator and stores information about flights taken in the LD Simulator. With this key, the instructor can authorize the pilot to fly only those training missions that are applicable to the curriculum. It also allows you to restrict access, store pilot information, record instructor notes and view recordings of the student’s flights during debrief sessions.

Push to Talk

One of the hardest things for new pilots to learn is proper radio communications.  That’s why the LD includes an intercom system that’s compatible with standard pilot headsets.  This allows the instructor to sit back and play ATC so that the student can build radio skills before it really matters. The headsets also help to isolate the student and instructor from distractions that can derail a training session.



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