Foxbat Performance Data



The A22 Foxbat is an anodised aluminium high wing tricycle undercarriage, 2-seat side-by-side factory built aircraft with superb Super-STOL (Short Take-Off & Landing) characteristics and an unrivalled view out.

There are two main variants of the Foxbat – the Standard (recreational) version and the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) version.  Currently, the LSA version is the main model being produced. The LSA version is also available as an amphibious float plane at a MTOW of 650 kgs.


The performance figures below are are based on independently verified flight testing as required for Recreational and LSA certification. The aircraft was flown at MTOW with the Rotax 912ULS 100hp engine and a 3-blade fixed pitch propeller at 21°C and nil wind. Speeds are indicated airspeeds with a calibrated external pitot/static source.


Dimensions Standard Foxbat LSA Foxbat
Maximum take off weight 450/472.5 kgs 600 kgs (650 kgs with floats)
Wingspan 9.53 m
Length 6.16 m
Height (top of fin) 2.40 m
Main gear track 1.76 m
Wing area 12.28 sq m
Wing loading 36.64 kg/sq m 48.86 kg/sq m
Aspect ratio 7:1
Mean Aerodynamic chord 1.4 m
Glide ratio 11.5:1 11.0:1
Cockpit width 128+ cms / 50+ inches
Standard engine Rotax 912ULS (100 bhp)
Standard propeller 3-blade composite, on-ground adjustable 3-blade carbon fibre, on-ground adjustable
Max fuel capacity 2 x 46 litre wing tanks
Take off run under 50 metres under 60 metres
Stall (full flap, idle) 27 kts 33 kts
Max flap operating speed 62 kts 83 kts
Manoeuvring Va 81 kts 99 kts
Max level speed TAS 105 kts 115 kts
Never exceed Vne 113 kts 120 kts
Normal cruise 95kts/under 16 lph 105 kts/under 18 lph
Economy cruise 75 kts/under 10 lph 95 kts/under 14 lph
Range (normal cruise) 535 nm 525 nm
Best climb rate at MTOW 900 fpm 900 fpm
Load factors, tested to +6 -3 g



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