Q: Are your simulators FAA approved?
A:  Yes.  The FAA has certified the LD as Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD.) and the TD as a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD). As an ICAO Member Country, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) accepts the FAA certifications.


Q: What type of experience can I log in a simulator that is certified as an AATD?
A:  According to the FAA Advisory Circular AC 61-136 , an AATD may be used for:

  • Logging instrument flight experience,
  • Instrument rating (maximum 20 hours),
  • Instrument proficiency check (per FAA-S-8081-4 (circling-to-land not authorized)),
  • Private pilot certificate (maximum 2.5 hours),
  • Commercial pilot certificate (maximum 50 hours),
  • Airline transport pilot certificate (maximum 25 hours),

~NOTE: Under Philippines Civil Aviation Regulations, Synthetic Flight Simulators may be credited for 5 hours towards PPL, 10 hours towards CPL and 20 hours towards Instrument Ratings.  Black Hawk Inc is working with Redbird and the CAAP to have these hours extended in line with FAA policy and amendments to the ICAO guidelines.


Q: What plane does your LD most closely represent?
A: Our LD’s are built to be interchangeable so that you can simulate a wide variety of aircraft. The list of available aircraft is constantly growing as we develop new expansion packs.   These models will represent single and multi-engine aircraft, and standard and glass cockpit.


Q: I would like to be able provide single-engine simulation training as well as multi-engine training. Do I need  two simulators?
A: While you could have two if you like, you do not need to. LD simulators are versatile enough to accommodate a number of configurations and flight characteristics. In other words, you can use one LD Simulator to provide single-engine training, multi-engine training, steam gauge and glass panel training.


Q: How long does it take to change cockpit configurations?
A: The change-out takes less than 5 mins.


Q: Can I do Glass panel training in an LD or TD Simulator?
A: Yes. We will offer cockpit configurations that simulate popular glass cockpit systems, such as Avidyne Entegra and Garmin G1000.


Q: How do I minimise simulator downtime? Is regular maintenance required?
A: Your Redbird flight simulator is a key asset for any flight training business. Minimising downtime and maintenance costs is vital for maximising the return on such a key asset so please talk to us about how we can structure a factory-supported maintenance and service contract to support your Redbird flight simulator. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.



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