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Black Hawk Inc
is proud to bring Advanced Simulation Tr
aining to the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore as the Official dealer for Redbird Flight Simulation Devices in the region.   At Black Hawk, we recognize that there is a need in the aviation industry for high-quality, feature-rich flight training devices & courses, delivered at a price that flight schools can actually afford. 

At Black Hawk we are committed to improving the quality of aviation training in the region and we believe that flight simulation using state of the art technology, which realistically simulates the training aircraft cockpit and environment, moves us closer towards that goal.  This is why we have launched the Redbird Flight Simulator MCX/FMX/SD/LD and TD into South East Asia

Through Black Hawk's partnership with King Schools & Redbird Flight Simulations, we offer FAA Approved advanced aviation training devices (AATD) and partnership solutions to flying schools
and their students with our Redbird Simulators in a variety of advanced aircraft. 

Pilots can train in a new G1000 Glass Cockpit C172 or a Conventional Cockpit C172 featuring a G430/530 as well as a Piper Seneca or other twin for advanced multi engine training.

Hawk is also the Philippines Distributor for the Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat Advanced Ultralight-Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and an Authorized Dealer for all King School courses for professional pilots.

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